DIY Firecracker Popsicles

Stay cool- Kenna Allison is here to help us make incredibly refreshing popsicles with Revel Berry + Bluephoria.

DIY Fire Cracker Popsicles


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The summer heat is turning up and we can’t think of a better way to stay cool and refreshed than with some tasty yerba mate popsicles! Switch up your normal ice cream routine and opt for a healthy popsicle that is sweet as can be but skips all the food coloring and artificial ingredients found in most ice cream truck treats. This simple recipe will have you coming to life in the heat of Fourth of July weekend and all summer long!


DIY Fire Cracker Popsicles



*Makes approx. 8 popsicles
*Adjust ingredients based on taste + dietary preference

DIY Fire Cracker Popsicles



  1. In a clean popsicle mold, start by placing your fresh or frozen berries into each mold.
  2. Top off with your cans of Revel Berry and Bluephoria- you can mix them, do a few of each, or get extra creative and do half and half by filling your molds halfway, freezing, and then filling the other half with the other flavor.
  3. Let freeze for 6 hours or overnight.

Happy Fourth of July!



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DIY Fire Cracker Popsicles