Earth Day in the Garden

Come along as the ever-creative sustainability guru Kenna Allison takes us on a tour of her Montana garden. You’ll find her sharing a few of the many ways she continues to bring her Guayakí byproducts to life, some of which you might already be familiar with from past DIY posts!

From tossing brewed loose leaf in the compost to using our bags as seed planters to turning cans and caps into garden décor, there are many ways to keep the regenerative cycle flowing and honor Mother Earth in the process.

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Earth Day Guayaki


Spring is starting to nudge its way in here in Montana. While it is still a bit early in the gardening season for us, I am eagerly getting started with the help of my friends at Guayakí. As I get ready for the new growing season I’m always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle- especially in the garden. Using what you have and lessening any impact on our beautiful planet is always top priority. Extending the life of my loose leaf yerba mate, cans, caps, bottles and bags is a great way to make your garden come to life with a wide variety of usages and functionalities.

“The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.” - Michael Pollan


Earth Day Guayaki


Here are a few of the ways you can incorporate your Guayakí cans, caps, bags, and loose leaf into your Earth Month celebrations (and all year long!):

  1. Turn your Guayakí loose leaf bags into seedling planters. Revisit this post for more tips and get your loose leaf directly from Guayakí here.
  2. Keep your soil healthy by feeding it with compost. Make your own and toss in your brewed loose leaf after every use to build up your compost pile.
  3. Turn your Guayakí cans and bottle caps into a decorative garland to decorate your outdoor space. Check out this post for inspiration!
  4. Turn your tereré bottles into bird feeders and watch the wildlife frolic!
  5. Get crafty and bring a warm glow to your evenings by turning cans into luminary lanterns.


Earth Day Guayaki


Whatever it is you decide to make, we appreciate your efforts to upcyle and show the planet lots of love. Happy Earth Month, friends!

Earth Day Guayaki

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