Evan Marks of The Ecology Center

Evan Marks is a creative force whose passion lies in connecting people to nature through the edible landscapes he co-creates. Taking lessons from the Costa Rican jungle and applying them to suburban Southern California, Evan has created what is perhaps the most well-executed center for sustainability in the world. With hundreds of workshops, garden feasts and gatherings under their belts, The Ecology Center is a beacon of inspiration and guidance in regenerative living. In this film by Guayakí’s Cyrus Sutton, we explore Evan’s mission within The Ecology Center and show how each of us can cultivate a bright future.

About The Ecology Center: The Ecology Center believes in a culture that gives more than it takes. On a mission to model creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth, we believe everyone should have access to the tools, knowledge, and skills that promote healthy communities in the 21st century. We design solutions-based, ecological experiences in our ecosystem to inspire action and ensure an abundant future that works for all. https://www.theecologycenter.org