Turn Your Yerba Mate Bags Into Planters

Recipe & photos by Kenna Allison

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! Today I’ll be celebrating by doing a few of my favorite things to honor Mother Earth- getting out into some wilder spaces for some nature therapy and getting my hands dirty in the garden. When it comes to gardening a lot of times it can feel like you need a lot of equipment or money to get started- but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m a firm believer that using what you have is always best- which means making use of all resources, including the stuff that many regard as “trash”.

If you’re a regular consumer of Guayakí’s loose leaf or mate bags, then you are likely to accumulate a lot of those bright yellow bags that we all know so well. But what do you do with the bags when the mate has run dry? They may be shiny and sturdy looking, but they are actually biodegradable. My favorite thing to use them for: planters!

Whether it’s for starting seeds, growing seedlings to bigger stages, or rooting plant cuttings, your used yerba mate bags will make for great starter pots. Keep reading and let’s grow together!




  • 1 or more empty Guayakí bright yellow loose leaf yerba mate bags (order here)
  • Scissors
  • Soil of preference
  • Rocks (for drainage and to add weight to the bags - optional)
  • Seeds, seedlings, or plant cuttings




  1. Gather your empty yellow Guayakí bags. Cut tops off to desired height- ideally anywhere from 1-5 inches. I stuffed the cut off tops in the bottom of the bags.
  2. Using your scissors cut a few small drainage holes in the bottom of the bags. You can also fill the bottom with rocks for extra drainage and to add some weight to make the bags a little more grounded.
  3. Fill your bags 2/3 of the way with your preferred soil if planting seedlings/cuttings or fill to the top leaving at least 1 inch of space for seeds.
  4. Plant your seeds, seedlings, and cuttings to their necessary depth- cover with more soil, give them a good misting, and watch them COME TO LIFE!

kenna allison planter bags


Make sure to share your Guayakí planter creations with us by tagging @guayaki and @kennaallison on social media so we can be sure to check them out!