Why B Corps Matter

In order to drive change, first we need to throw out old models of doing business that do more harm than good.

Discretionary social good that takes a back seat to corporate profits. That's got to go. Extractive contracts that offer the lowest price to farmers and feed destructive land practices. That's not going to last very long. Squeezing the life out of workers while concentrating wealth at the top. That's definitely out.

From making a profit, to innovation, investing in capital, and supporting workers, businesses have a lot to juggle. Using business as a force for good is often an afterthought, unless organizations make it a top priority by baking it into their business model and becoming a benefit corporation.

Guayakí's benefit corporation legal structure mandates our shareholders to create social and environmental value, in addition to economic value. Our B Corporation certification means that we undergo a rigorous impact assessment and commit to continual improvement.

Your choice of Guayakí Yerba Mate is driving real change, because the regeneration of people and planet is integrated into our business model. Come To Life!

Learn more about what it means to do #BetterBusiness in this poignant video, which also features our fellow B Corp friends, Dr. Bronner's, Patagonia, Bureo, and more!